my june to be read pile

May might have been one of the fastest months I’ve experienced in a long time. This can likely be chalked up to the flurry of university assignments I’ve been submitting and amount of reading I accomplished (5 books – a lot for me when not on holidays!).

At the end of June I’m attending a Love YA Day event featuring many iconic Australian Young Adult authors. As such, my goal is to read one book by each of these authors before this event!

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my May to-be-read pile

In the last week I’ve finally escaped my reading slump and found time to squeeze reading back into my schedule. Hurray! This is in large part due to the Netflix adaption of Shadow and Bone having just been released and my eagerness to watch it. I’m hearing raving reviews by fans of the book calling it “The best book to series adaption ever” and some even daring to say “the show is better than the book”. That, I’m finding hard to believe.

Thus, of course the first book on my TBR was Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

I finished this story on the second of May and really enjoyed it. I read it so fast that the story whizzed past me, and I almost wonder if I read it too quickly before I’d had a chance to become attached to the characters. The world, the Grisha and the coloured kafta all feel very real and whimsical. It’s a world I’m excited to continue reading in.

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map of books I read in 2020

I live in Australia, and very few of the worlds I dived into in 2019 were my own. I also personally dislike how America centric the internet and media is. This is why I decided to map out the locations of the books I read in 2020. There are plenty of stories set in other countries that don’t expect me to understand what different areas of a state look like without telling me. Or even where a state is located. As a way to visualise my reading I added the covers of books as I read them in 2020 to this map:

Map of Books I Read In 2020

I have listed them all below in the order I read them by country. If you’re curious for my thoughts on any of these, feel free to ask below!

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favourite reads of this crazy year

Despite how topsy-turvy this year has been, I managed to read the most books I’ve ever read in a year. The start of lockdown for me was composed of five week waits on books sent in the mail but by the end I was burnt out. But we’ve made it. The end of this crazy year is upon us. We can’t know that 2021 will be better but forgive me for being hopeful for the first time all year that some normalcy may resume.

Here are the books that left a resounding impact on me this year.

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It Sounded Better in My Head by Nina Kenwood | Review

The Text Prize winner of 2018, Nina Kenwood’s young adult romance deals with the teenage self in every way of the term. From our protagonist Natalie’s self image and how her acne has impacted her life, to self exploration as she finds first love in unlikely places and people. The realistic depictions of teenagers and their views will stay with you long after you put this down.

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